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AUK Studios / AUK Global Digital Distribution

Andrews UK Limited (AUK) is a global digital publisher and distributor established in the year 2000. We publish and distribute books, ebooks, games, music, video/film, audiobooks/audiodrama globally. We also publish physical books, magazines and comics. Website - Twitter -
AUK Studios / AUK Global Digital Distribution
AUK Studios / AUK Global Digital Distribution
Another new old game released yesterday, more to come!
AUK Studios / AUK Global Digital Distribution
AUK Studios / AUK Global Digital Distribution
Agaton Sax and the Colossus of Rhodes

There are not many cases, even in the files of Agaton Sax, that involve ancient art, devious dentistry, false Frenchmen and a temporary tooth. The story of the Colossus of Rhodes, however, is one of them.

Left giddy by a hefty dose of anaesthetic after a visit to the dentist, Agaton's good friend Lispington is powerless to fight back against the criminals capturing him. With many miles separating the two, Sweden's finest detective can do nothing but stand by and listen in helplessly.

But when Agaton Sax pursues the case and seeks out the nefarious criminals that have spirited his friend away, he finds that there is more to the case than a simple grudge against Scotland Yard...

#book #ebook #paperback #hardback #audiobook

On Amazon, and all good books stores and eBook retailers!
AUK Studios / AUK Global Digital Distribution
AUK Studios / AUK Global Digital Distribution
AUK Studios / AUK Global Digital Distribution
Andrews UK Limited, acquires book publisher, Arthur H Stockwell Ltd - 17th May 2022

Bedfordshire based media publishing and distribution company, Andrews UK Limited, acquires Devon based publisher Arthur H Stockwell Ltd.

Arthur H Stockwell Ltd, was originally established in 1898, in Ludgate Hill, London before relocating to North Devon during WW2, making it one of the oldest surviving UK publishers having been family owned since that time by the Stockwell family, before moving into the family-owned company of Andrews UK Limited. Arthur H Stockwell Ltd operations have transferred to Bedfordshire, to its own offices within West wing Studios.

Sara Ellingham will move from her position of head of publishing at Andrews UK Limited, to Managing Director of Arthur H Stockwell Ltd with immediate effect. Arthur H Stockwell Ltd will act independently of Andrews UK Limited, with some Andrews UK Limited imprint publishing activities ceasing (such as its ‘AG Books’ self-publishing services to authors), with new established author content being referred to Arthur H Stockwell Ltd, leaving Andrews UK Limited to focus on its digital global media distribution activities across book, audio, and other media such as games, as well as retaining any internally created, or owned books.

Paul Andrews, founder of Andrews UK Limited, “Andrews UK Limited, having worked with Arthur H Stockwell Ltd for around ten years as a partner, is privileged to be able to guide this ‘over 128 year old’ company through its second century of book publishing, and its aim is to serve not only its existing author base, but also expand its imprints, with ones for established authors as well as new authors, and we expect further third party imprint acquisitions in due course.

*All content currently signed and live with Andrews UK Limited will remain live for any contractual periods, new established author content will be referred to Arthur H Stockwell Ltd, new self-published author content will be able to approach Arthur H Stockwell Ltd directly.

For more information on Andrews UK Limited contact via – info

For more information on Arthur H Stockwell Ltd contact via – books

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