The Perfect graphic novel! A swinging Sixties super spy, with the appeal of Mrs Peel but the cluelessness of Inspector Clouseau. She could only be called Perfect, simply because she isn’t. Perfect is a 60-page graphic novel with four different stories from four writers, brought to life by four different illustrators. And that’s just the start, we’re already gearing up for a second issue with a whole new range of writers and illustrators to create just the Perfect graphic novel!

AUK Studios have partnered with Chinbeard Books, whose head honcho – Barnaby Eaton-Jones – conceived the idea six years ago for a Perfect character to lead her own graphic novel. Four tales, four writers and four illustrators for issue 1, a graphic novel inhabiting the limbo world of The Avengers and The Man From UNCLE, even though it is slightly sillier. Gary Andrews, whose work you may know from Private Eye, The Doctors book, DuckTales the Movie and Tales of Albion, is just one of the artists. Also in the mix is Jessica Martin, voice actress in our audio production Screaming Queens, Jeepers Creepers and Doctor Who star, stay tuned to find out who else is part of the Perfect adventure!

Stay tuned for Perfect…