Sam the Robot

Sam the Robot┬áhas been helping people learn core skills since 1989 and is now back to help a whole new generation! Have a look at our three different Sam books currently on offer…

Colour with Sam the Robot – The Alphabet (1)

This colouring book, beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Emily Botta, is not only great fun but also helps young children learn to recognise the letters of the alphabet. Research shows that shape recognition combined with fun activities can boost children’s reading ability, so it’s never too early – or too late – to start learning!

Colouring with Sam the Robot – Numbers (2)

Number two in the series of Sam the Robot colouring books, colour in numbers one to twenty. Children with learn numbers one to twenty with Sam’s gentle humour and choices of items used to relate the appearance of numbers back to shape recognition, colouring-in real world objects.

This beautifully illustrated children’s alphabet is not only great fun for you and your child to read together, but will also help them recognise the letters of the alphabet, which are featured in both capital and lower case. They will quickly learn to associate the shape of each letter with the everyday objects fascinating Sam, and the fun activities they see him enjoying. Children love Sam’s gentle humour and choice of items for the ABC, setting the perfect environment for fun learning.