Set in 1930s New York, Art Hardwicke is the hot sensation in the cabaret circuit, an urbane illusionist who goes under the stage name of Supermind – hinting at his real-life mentalist powers. Lady Daphne Witcombe is Art Hadwicke’s manager who aids him on his adventures, and manservant Frampton. He fights crime and injustice whenever and whatever situation he finds himself in.

Supermind is a new live radio show from AUK Studios. Stepping into the role of Supermind is Colin McFarlane, star of Gillian B. Loeb in The Dark Knight trilogy and Ulysses in Outlander. 1980s music legend Toyah plays Lady Daphne Witcombe whilst children’s voice actress Julie-Ann-Dean plays Professor Fenella Vaytell. You can also expect to find Darrell Mclaine as Cecil B de Phillmakker and director, writer and producer Barnaby Eaton-Jones as Frampton.

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Toyah Willcox

The 1980s music icon…

Words: Colleen Considine

For anyone who grew-up in or is a particular fan of the 80s, Toyah Willcox will be a familiar name, a musician who has had 8 top 40 singles and released over 20 albums. With some including, The Challenging, released in 1982, Anthem, released in 1981 and Minx, released in 1985.

More recently she has become notorious for her ‘Sunday Lunch’ kitchen performances beside her husband, prog rock legend Robert Fripp of King Crimson. Back in the day however, Toyah rocked vibrant orange hair, owning the stage whilst breaking-down creative barriers. Toyah rebelled against conformist expectations through music and fashion. Exuberant outfits that defied gender-norm expectations, Toyah didn’t have to dress with a safety pin through her nose to understand and live punk. She constantly challenged the conservative understanding of rebellion by authentically being who she was…

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Colin McFarlane

Words: Colleen Considine

Colin McFarlane is an actor you just can’t miss, his name pops up everywhere from TV, film, voice acting to video games and theatre. You’ll instantly recognise him for portraying Police Commissioner Loeb in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Or perhaps you’re a Doctor Who fan, in which case you’ll remember him for voicing the Heavenly Host in the Christmas special ‘Voyage of the Damned. Including playing Moran in the Under the Lake and Before the Flood episodes of the ninth Doctor Who series. No doubt you’d have seen him in TV favourites like Casualty, Jonathan Creek, Death in Paradise and Holby City.

In a lot of Colin’s roles, he fills the character with such presence and confidence you just won’t forget him when you leave the cinema. With such a varied career, Colin started when he attended Loughborough University reading drama, for which he graduated in 1983. It was in 1985 when he got his first professional television role with a three-episode guest stint as Detective Sergeant Watson in ITV’s show Dempsey and Makepeace…

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