The Virgin’s Embrace

Any Dracula fans will be jumping at the thought of an official Dracula graphic novel, the great-grand-nephew of Bram Stoker, Dacre Stoker has released the first AUK, StokerVerse graphic novel. The Virgin’s Embrace is an exciting book, re-telling the original story ‘The Squaw’. Modernised for a current audience ‘The Squaw’ has been brought to life by Chris McAuley, Dacre Stoker and artists Jessica Martin, Robert Marzullo and Ester Cardella.

Jessica’s career diversified from acting to art, you may know Jessica from Doctor Who, Spitting Image and Jeepers Creepers. Her art brings to life a classic Stoker story, colliding the art world with a gothic horror from 1893. You can also expect short biographies of Bram Stoker, Florence Stoker with brilliant concept art.

As Benjamin Williams from Comic Book News UK said, “What makes this a must-read though is that it also contains the original text of ‘The Squaw’ before the reimagining in graphic novel form. Bits like that just add to the magic of it.”

You can expect much more from the StokerVerse in the near future, so make sure you jump straight into the universe now with their first ever release, The Virgin’s Embrace! You don’t want to miss out on the horror that is Dracula!