Voices of Dracula

Voices of Dracula, a 10-part series of short stories by AUK Studios in conjunction with StokerVerse. Bram Stoker built a dark universe of stories with foreboding locations and rich characters. 120-years after the book’s original release, Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker has teamed up with author Chris McAuley to create a series of short story audio chapters set within the StokerVerse. Each story is narrated from the point of view of the characters we all know – or think we know – so well.

Narrated by some of the leading voice actors of today, Stoker’s stories are twisted, dark and hugely entertaining. Simon Templeman (Legacy of KainDragon AgeDead Space 3Charmed and so much more) plays Dracula, with all the expertise and finesse one would expect from such a lauded performer, whilst Claudia Christian (Babylon 59-1-1, Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire) is the mysterious Thief. TV’s sixth Doctor, Colin Baker (Doctor WhoKingdomHustle), masterfully narrates vampire hunter Van Helsing’s stories, whilst Terry Molloy – most famous for playing the Doctor’s on-screen nemesis Davros – takes the part of Renfield. Jessica Martin (Doctor WhoThe Sandman) completes the line-up as Mina Harker.

The Voices of Dracula is frighteningly good you don’t want to miss it…

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Involuntary Madness: What drove Renfield into Dr. Seward’s Asylum? The former solicitor has a warning for the people of London, but will it go unheeded? (Terry Molloy as Renfield)

His Master’s Call:  Renfield is drawn from the mouth of madness to attend the monster who now stalks through the streets of the city at the heart of the largest Empire on Earth. (Terry Molloy as Renfield)

A Call To Arms: What drove Abraham Van Helsing to become a hunter of the undead and the scourge of the dreaded Nosferatu? (Colin Baker as Van Hesling)

Dark Symmetry: Professor Van Helsing confronts the familiar figure who stalks Whitechapel. A terrible decision must be made. (Colin Baker as Van Hesling)

A Husband’s Pain: Mina Harker discovers her troubled husband Jonathan’s diary. The secrets contained within will change her life forever. (Jessica Martin as Mina Harker)

A Woman Scorned: Mina Harker becomes Dracula’s latest victim. Can she ever escape his power and take her vengeance? (Jessica Martin as Mina Harker)

Insidious Design: Inside the mind of Dracula, as he walks the streets of London and plots the ruin of his enemies. (Simon Templeman as Dracula)

His Final Battle: As the vampire hunters close in on the demonic Count, his thoughts reach backwards in time and his resolve sharpens. (Simon Templeman as Dracula)

The Cleric’s Crypt: Set before the events of the original Dracula novel, a thief is summoned to discover a secret at the Carfax Estate. (Claudia Christian as The Victorian Thief)

A Poison in the Blood: Dracula has infected the elite of British society and soon his influence will spread across Europe. A former thrall is determined to stop his curse. Ay any cost. (Claudia Christian as The Victorian Thief)