Ace Cannon

This original tale pays homage to, but never parodies, success-stories such as Little Shop of Horrors and Return to the Forbidden Planet. 

As part of the stage production, we’ve created a filmed title-sequence for the 1980’s hit TV show Ace Cannon, which was as popular at the time as Buck Rogers or Knight Rider. With an amazingly catchy theme-tune composed by Philip, the demo sequence for the workshops was produced by Paul Dundridge and the team at Hanover Pictures.

Behind the scenes, this production has some powerhouse talent that will hopefully take us from pre-production to fully-blown show! 

Ace Cannon started life in a meeting on August 1st, 2018 (when this photo was taken) and has taken on a life of his own ever since. From left to right: Philip Pope (Music & Lyrics), Barnaby Eaton-Jones (Director/Producer), Tony Lee (Book & Lyrics).

There Once Was A Princess – Rehearsal

Every Clark Needs a Lois – Rehearsal

VHS Title Sequence