HOOD: Noble Secrets

It’s 1201, and as King John sits upon the English throne, the lord high Sheriff of Nottingham, Phillip De Nicholay, is looking at his life in ruins. The Nottingham treasury is empty, a year’s taxes gone, and all because of his misplaced trust. Worse still is that his hopes of marrying the Lady Marion have also vanished. If Phillip is to stand any chance of following his heart, he needs to get the money back…. But how?

Salvation comes from an unusual source, and Phillip begins a dangerous quest into the clutches of Sherwood Forest and its notorious outlaw dwellers to enlist their help. This is a journey that will see Phillip confront danger from other outlaws as well as within his closest circle of friends. It will ultimately see Phillip embark on an adventure that will be the making of a legend…the making of the man they will come to call Robin Hood.

Starring: Lee Ingleby