New games and apps will moving forward be created by the team at AUK Play Ltd and some distribution of AUK Play games and apps, as well as third party content, will be via the Andrews UK limited brand Pixel Games

Elland: The Crystal Wars – For Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Elland, a harsh desert world on the outskirts of the Galaxy. With nothing but scant indigenous life, the planet is controlled by the cooperative, Elland Inc, which mines the abundant minerals and crystals used in the construction of Galactic star cruisers. The mining operations and the abundance of Brem-Nar Crystals have transformed Elland from a dusty wasteland into a glittering and much envied  prize.

A first person flying 3D shooter game, set over 23 huge missions! Releasing on both physical cartridge and digital release.

The Jupiter ACE was the first home computer to use the Forth computer language instead of the classic BASIC. Released in 1982, it was created by Jupiter Cantab, a Cambridge company founded by Steven Vickers & Richard Altwasser, both of whom were involved in the development of the Sinclair computers.

This app focuses on the Jupiter ACE experience, loaded with example software. Note that the system is self-contained so you cannot remotely add code, more games, etc.

You can download it here.