Robin of Sherwood: Here Be Dragons

In ancient times, before the Hooded Man, dragons roamed Sherwood Forest via mystical paths through the whispering trees.

Nearing the end of Robin of Loxley’s timeline, the dragons are asking to come out and play…

Richard Carpenter’s Robin of Sherwood

‘Here Be Dragons’

(Set during Series Two)

Many centuries ago, before Robin, before King Richard and Prince John, before even Herne the Hunter, there was Sherwood Forest. And at the heart of it, mystical paths were drawn together to protect the future.

But something or someone in Robin’s time has chosen now to make a stand and destroy the past, the present and the future, with the help of the dragons, the ancient beasts of legend. And it will take a true hero to stop them.

Alone and bewildered, Robin must put right a blood-debt he had no idea had even been raised. And who will fight at his side?

Should he fail, Sherwood will merely be the first loss that England will face…and not the last…

Television series Robin of Sherwood © HTV/Goldcrest Films & Television 1983. Created by Richard Carpenter, with grateful thanks to his Estate.

Narrated By: Christopher Guard