Robin of Sherwood: The Waterford Boy

The ITV series Robin of Sherwood is generally considered to have been among the greatest adaptations of the legend, with its fantastic set of characters both traditional and new, as well as its twisting, turning, turbulent plot lines. This audiobook is one of an excellent range that adds even more depth to the Robin Hood universe, with each episode taking place close to the timeframe of the original TV show and featuring the characters we all know and love.

In this instalment – set during the third season of the ITV series, just prior to the episode ‘The Time of the Wolf’ – all convicted male felons from the gaols of England are to be sent to fight in France, on the command of King John himself. Assisting in this task is the Crown’s chief recruiter, James D’Marelle, who is touring the country to round up each quota of men.

When word reaches Nottingham Castle that D’Marelle, is paying a visit, the sheriff orders Sir Guy of Gisburne to gather a few men from each local village to quickly make up the numbers. In the village of Waterford, Gisburne becomes enraged at a young boy’s ritualistic chants to Herne the Hunter and so vows to send him off to war, despite his age….

The TV series Robin of Sherwood is copyright © 1983 HTV/Goldcrest Films and was created by Richard Carpenter.

Narrated By: Judi Trott