Robin of Sherwood: The Blood That Binds

The ITV series Robin of Sherwood is generally considered to have been among the greatest adaptations of the legend, with its fantastic set of characters both traditional and new, as well as its twisting, turning, turbulent plot lines. This audiobook is one of an excellent range that adds even more depth to the Robin Hood universe, with each episode taking place close to the timeframe of the original TV show and featuring the characters we all know and love.

In this instalment – set between the TV episodes ‘The Cross of St. Ciricus’ and ‘The Knights of the Apocalpyse’ – we are introduced to the Baron De Baucher….

As Harvest approaches, Robin and the outlaws battle to stop the people of Sherwood from starving. When an encounter with the sheriff sees Robert De Rainault turn over a new leaf, Gisburne calls upon an old friend to help bring the Shire back into line.

But just who is the Baron De Baucher, and what dark powers does he command?

The Hooded Man will face an adversary who is playing a long game, one that will see Herne’s son fulfil a destiny and set blood against blood in more ways than one….

The TV series Robin of Sherwood is copyright © 1983 HTV/Goldcrest Films and was created by Richard Carpenter.

Narrated By: Nickolas Grace