The World & His Wife

What Started as a Love Match lit the fire of a Thirty-year War.

In 1828, the beautiful Rosina Wheeler married one of Victorian England’s most successful and prolific writers, Edward Bulwer-Lytton. What followed shocked and entertained the public for over thirty years.

After their marriage broke down, Rosina refused to be silenced. She pursued her husband with a single-minded and very public crusade to prove she was in the right. She even interrupted her husband’s election campaign to denounce him to the assembled voters. Edward responded by threatening to have her committed to a lunatic asylum.

But that was only the beginning.

The novel draws freely on Edward and Rosina’s own words. Both have a convincing story to tell – except that they disagree about everything.

Praise for The World and His Wife:

“This account of the peculiar hell of an unhappy Victorian marriage is an exhilarating read. “

Katherine Mezzacappa, Historical Novel Society rev

“Stephen Wyatt’s wit, erudition and mastery of narrative are ideally suited to this corking tale of twisted love, obsession and revenge.”

Andrew Cartmel, author of the best-selling Vinyl Detective series and co-author of ‘The Rivers of London’ comic books.

“A masterpiece of a mismatched Victorian marriage – read it! And laugh and weep at the same time.”

Christie Dickason, whose many historical novels include ‘The Dragon Riders’, ‘The Firemaster’s Mistress’ and ‘The Noble Assassin’

“Wyatt’s research is faultless. But the book’s greatest joy is Wyatt’s recreation of the two central voices.”

Jasper Barry, author of ‘The Second Groom’ and ‘That Deplorable Boy.’