Venna’s Planet

Venna’s Planet is the story of Venna 8632, a strong-willed, highly skilled, soldier-drilled woman on a mission in outer space, where gravity keeps you perky and the future appears to be rather retro. She’s a crew member of the Suntreader, which has been travelling for 50 years (mostly with her occupants in cryogenic hibernation) in order to find a new planet to colonise.

Tired of playing shoot ’em up with aliens, Venna yearns to settle on the newest planet the Suntreader has been orbiting – a world they have named Promise. Unfortunately, the only promise Venna is living on is the continuation of a futile war with the current inhabitants – the Krogs…and that’s reached somewhat of a predictable stalemate.

Combining the episodic thrills of classic film serials such as Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers with the free-wheeling 1960s spirit of BarbarellaVenna’s Planet is a full-cast audio drama adapted from the popular graphic novels written by Robin Evans.

In this episode: another day, another crashed spaceship. Venna, Suhl, Geezur and Clayton crawl out of the wreckage into the jungle and a rather sticky encounter. On Suntreader, the Countess continues to manipulate Zoltan and prepares the ground for a new trap to ensnare Venna using the particularly unpleasant psychic skills of Jylda and Grust….

Starring:  Caroline Munro and Amelia Tyler

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy